Product Articles & FAQ

1. Color Filters
1.1 Choosing a Color/Planetary Filter

2. Crayford Focusers
2.1 Selecting a Crayford Focuser for a Refractor (Coming Soon)
2.2 Selecting a Crayford Focuser for a Reflector (Coming Soon)
2.3 Refractor Focuser Compatibility Table
2.4 Customer Installation Photos
2.5 Upgrading a GSO Single-Speed Focuser to Dual Speed
2.6 Optimizing the Performance of your GSO Crayford Focuser
2.7 Attaching a Finder Telescope to a GSO Crayford Focuser

3. Eyepieces
3.1 Choosing and Using Wide-Angle Eyepieces (Coming Soon)
3.2 Some Thoughts on Dust in Eyepieces (Coming Soon)

4. Solar Filters
4.1 Frequently Asked Questions
4.2 Making Your Own Solar Filter Using Baader AstroSolar Film (PDF File)
4.3 Baader AstroSolar Film Technical Specifications
4.4 Cleaning AstroSolar Film